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The Strong one with the biggest stomach.

These are the anime characters who are insanely strong, usually the main character of an Anime. These type of anime character personality come with a side effect though, that is eating an unusual amount of food which seems to never satisfy their hunger. The real question that arises though is do their power comes from the food? or they eat the insane amount of food because of the loss of energy from using their power. The answer to that we will never know but one thing we know for sure that this anime character personality is crazy about food. Don’t mess with them while they’re finishing up their food!

Popular Example: Luffy from One Piece.


The Intelligent one with Evil personality.

Intelligent and Evil anime character personality tends to use their brain but for the wrong purpose. Being evil is not due to their surroundings or circumstances, they are aware that what they are doing is wrong but due to their ego they don’t accept it. They don’t care about the consequences of their action or even if someone innocent dies. These type of anime character personality give off a wicked vibe and are really happy doing evil deeds even though they are gifted with high IQ and intelligence.

Popular Example: Light Yagami from Death Note.

Top 10 Popular Anime Characters Personality- Animoku an Anime Blog. Anime Characters. Death Note.

Anime Character Personality who is Totally Useless.

As the title suggests these anime characters are typically useless. Their presence doesn’t make any difference in the battle that is ahead of them. All they know is to shout, cry, blame and feel bad about themselves. They are one of the most irritating anime character personality to watch on screen. Anime characters who fall into this category tend to be weak and shabby causing problem not only for themselves but their whole team.

Popular Example: Sakura Haruno from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series.

Top 10 Popular Anime Characters Personality- Animoku an Anime Blog. Anime Characters. NARUTO SAKURA


If you don’t know what Tsundere means then these anime characters are of two types. The first type is who is cold with everyone and are usually abusive and don’t care about anyone unless the love of their life is standing near them. Then their brain will go haywire causing them to lose control of themselves. They usually use words like ‘Baka’ a lot. The second type of anime character Tsundere is the one who is usually friendly with everyone. They are of nice and loving nature or one may also call them Kawaii but they also tend to stop functioning one their crush shows up near to them.

Popular Example: Aisaka Taiga from Toradora

Top 10 Popular Anime Characters Personality- Animoku an Anime Blog. Anime Characters. Toradora. Aisaka Taiga.


Yandere is someone who is the exact opposite of Tsundere which means they act violent and psychotic around everyone and suddenly turns into this cute harmless girl when their loved one or crush shows up. They are one of the most hilarious anime character personality to watch. Do you know a “Yandere” in real life? Tag them here at Animoku an Anime Blog.

Popular Example: Yuno Gasai from Future Diary

The one who fucks up Everything.

This anime character personality is responsible for fucking up everything to anything. They are usually the ones who make a lot of mistakes which is not humanly possible. Sloppy is the perfect word which describes them and they tend to have a unique personality. They are usually aware of their problem of fucking up everything but still are the first one to volunteer for the task at hand. They can be annoying at times and are responsible for their own fate.

Popular Example: Kana Kimishima from Parasyte the Maxim

Top 10 Popular Anime Characters Personality- Animoku an Anime Blog. Anime Characters. Kana.

Flirting level more than 9000.

These are those anime characters who never fail a chance to impress everyone whether it be coming up with cheesy lines or opening up their shirt whenever they find a chance. Let us be honest, without flirting and cheesy element in an anime how would you ever watch or like it? Love is the essence of anime and these are fulfilled by this anime character personality.

Popular Example: Loki from Fairy Tail

Top 10 Popular Anime Characters Personality- Animoku an Anime Blog. Anime Characters. Loki.

Mysterious AF

As the name suggests, this anime character personality is an absolute mystery, They usually have some traumatic backstory which has made them the way they are. They don’t usually talk to someone or rarely hang out with anyone. They are mostly on their own and are very cold in nature. Talking to them is what gives you the feeling of creepiness or chills down your spine.

Popular Example: Mei Misaki from Another


More dramatic than your Ex-Girlfriend/Boyfriend.

Dramatic ones are mostly found in the slice of life genre where the character tends to respond in a dramatic way or overreact to everything in their surrounding. They have this unique personality which makes them this way. They are hilarious to watch and can be one of the best element in an anime. Dramatic anime character personality is one my personal favorites.

Popular Example: Shuu Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul

Top 10 Popular Anime Characters Personality- Animoku an Anime Blog. Anime Characters. Tsuu Shukiyama. Tokyo Ghoul.

Anime characters who are extremely Shy.

Cmon is there any anime which you have seen which doesn’t include this anime character personality? Shy anime characters are kawaii in their own way. But I hardly think that they think the same. They usually lack confidence in showing their emotions either to everyone or the person that the love in particular. You push them in a group of girls or guys and they’ll choke up and start sweating before you know it.

Popular Examples: Mio Akiyama from K-On!

Top 10 Popular Anime Characters Personality- Animoku an Anime Blog. Anime Characters. K-ON! Anime.

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