Cliches have played a huge part in Anime making it more hilarious and fun to watch. Check out the Top 10 Anime Cliches by Animoku! Follow Animoku blog for constant anime news and updates.

1. Screaming makes you stronger.

No matter how much injured or tired you are, Screaming will make you more strong. It will make your power level back to more than 9000 eventually leading to the fall and utter destruction of the enemy.

Animoku dbz

2. Tsundere, The Hot-Cold Personality.

These are the girls who act tough and cold on the surface but are really shy on the inside. Also known as ‘Tsundere’ which refers to someone who might not hesitate to punch a guy but at the next moment act love struck, kind or girly.

Animoku Tsundere

3. Shy guy surrounded by a lot of girls.

When you are a shy guy surrounded by a lot of girls you are bound to get a bit tipsy. Dealing with a single girl is so hard, imagine dealing with so many.


4. Main protagonist are food eating machines.

If you are action anime then definitely the hero needs his proteins to kick asses. This energy is although in the form a never ending plates and bowls of food which never satisfies the hunger. Bon Apetite!

Animoku Eating

5. Accidental Pervert.

Because tripping while doing anything is make you gonna land on a girl ultimately making you the accidental pervert. Don’t we just love this one!

Animoku Accident

6. Actual Pervert.

Everyone anime has to have atleast one pervert in the show or how else every one is going to enjoy those perverted moments.

Animoku Pervert

7. Main protagonist having extremely distinctive hair color.

C’mon If anime protagonist’s aren’t going to have colored hair then how else is everyone gonna understand who’s the hero. Still there is not a single color in the universe that we haven’t seen till now.

Animoku Hair

8. Holy Mother of Nose Bleed.

Nosebleed are one of the most common anime cliches yet the funniest one. It’s because your body can’t handle those ecchi moments.

Animoku Nosebleed

9. Foreigners who are fluent af in japanese.

I never understood how do these foreigners learn speaking Japanese so fluently. Either in anime universe Japanese is spoken all across the world or these foreigners have some serious brain power.

Animoku Foreigner

10. Obligatory trip to hot spring.

How can I miss this one. There is always a obligatory trip to some hot springs between the middle part of the season where everyone is going to relax and enjoy themselves. May also contain some ecchi content.

Animoku Hot Spring


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