Naruto series has been a huge part of my childhood and I haven’t failed to mention that in my previous posts. Naruto is filled with so many emotions from hate, anger, revenge to love, joy, and happiness. Today, let us take a look at 10 Most Powerful Naruto Jutsu- Animoku!

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Infinite Tsukuyomi

This Jutsu is so powerful and boundless that it can put the whole world under an infinite Genjutsu. Imagine the possibilities you can have, If I had this power I’d make everyone wear slipper, sandals, and shoes made up of legos. Evil right? What would you do?

Animoku Infinite Tsukuyomi. An Anime Blog

Rasen Shuriken

Rasen Shuriken has the ability to destroy things to molecular level, rendering people unable to use their chakra anymore. It has to be the most powerful Ninjutsu ever performed except Tailed Beast Rasengan, making people helpless and gaining an undeniable victory.

Animoku Rasen Shuriken An Anime Blog


I think this might be the fastest Jutsu ever in Naruto series and makes you immune to any other Jutsu or even shuriken techniques. By using it one can travel to any part of the world within seconds. Isn’t this cool? Getting bored, then chill around in a totally different space-time dimension and let the steam blow off. No worries!

Animoku Kamui An Anime Blog


Black flames that only go out if the caster decides to or if the target is dead. It might be the most badass Jutsu in Naruto.

Animoku Amaterasu An Anime blog.

Almighty Push

A Doijutsu that can repel any incoming attack or can strike anything around it without even moving a muscle. Before Pain destroyed the Leaf Village he was even levitating into the sky, Does that mean Almighty Push can make you fly?

Animoku Almighty Push An Anime Blog

Reaper Death Seal

Okay, I know what you are gonna say. What’s the point if the caster dies. But on the other hand, it is actually one of the most strongest Jutsu. No one can escape it and It’s perfect for killing the most powerful and strongest opponent. It is like that proverb- “If I drown, I am gonna make you drown with me.”


Reanimation Jutsu

Bringing the dead back to life? Imagine an army of Kekkei Genkai users under your control. Do I need to even explain how powerful, strong and insane this Jutsu is? Some Necromancy shit going on in Naruto.

Animoku Reanimation Jutsu An Anime Blog


Just think of having a giant swordsman, archer, spearman etc. Made up entirely of pure fire that can block any attack or suck you into a different dimension entirely. This Jutsu is totally on a different level.

Animoku Susanoo An Anime Blog


A giant bolt of lightning that obliterates everything in its way. What’s not to love about this Jutsu? It is the strongest lightning Jutsu that can penetrate everything and is basically undodgeable.

Animoku Kirin An Anime Blog

8 Inner Gates

Remember Guy? That guy *pun intended* almost killed Madara in a solo fight without drawing power from anyone or somewhere else. It’s a one-man Jutsu releasing his full potential without performing any magical Ninjutsu.

Animoku 8 Inner Gates An Anime Blog

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