Anime has taught us to be strong, funny, kind and be ourselves while following our dreams and desires. But, Anime has also given us a peek into the weirdest yet visually satisfying moments. Let us find out what happened when Animoku took A peek into the weird side of Anime!

1. When you have been lifting weights in the gym.

shirt break

2. There is just something fascinating about them.

boobs gif punching

3.  When you are James Bond beneath all that layer of food!


4.  Had something spicy to eat maybe?


5. When you are late because the makeup had to be on point.

sorry i am late guys

6. Listening to music always like this!


7.  Because how else I am gonna get my proteins *RIP* Deer!


8.  The power to punch people naked sounds like a lot of responsibility!

naked punch

9. How to save yourself from getting a fine. *FLASH*

pants down

10. Behold the power of OPPAI!


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